Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker – Julian Watkins
Insightful. Inspiring. All-Around Cool Guy.

Julian Watkins connects with all audiences from executives to middle schoolers. He is able to use humor and emotion to deliver an engaging message with actionable strategies that will inspire change. He will help inspire audiences to dream bigger and take action to accomplish those dreams.

Julian draws on his experiences as a corporate attorney, prosecutor, high school basketball coach, nonprofit executive and traveling the country to perform in rap battles (ask him about being on MTV!) to deliver an inspiring and engaging presentation.

He delivers a positive message to inspire audiences to create change for themselves and the world around them. From high school students to executive leaders, Julian's message will truly benefit all audiences.



Shannon Campbell
Belleville Public Schools

"As an educator, it was refreshing to see such a real presentation that students can truly connect with. Julian shares his experiences and background in a way that is inspiring and relatable. He was funny, energetic and kept our students engaged through the entire presentation."


Lynne Chambers
Southeast Missouri State University

"Julian Watkins is a uniquely talented speaker. He is erudite, and engaging to any audience. His transparency and authenticity sets him apart from the typical speaker. Julian is the quintessential renaissance man, an intellectual, an artist and a change agent for mankind."


Tameka Randle, M.P.A.
Leadership United

“Julian Watkins presented at United Way’s Leadership UNITED Inaugural Session. He provided a positive, powerful and impactful presentation to our students that was relatable and invigorating!”

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The Growth Journey

A guide to success and happiness through storytelling

This journey through Julian's life uses humor and emotion to show the importance of finding your own happiness and not living up to the expectations of others. Julian's dream was always to be a corporate attorney...or so he thought. Achieving his dream job led to issues with substance abuse and severe depression. Julian quit his dream job and went back to be a janitor at his old high school. Since then, Julian has owned his own law firm, been a prosecutor, a nonprofit executive and now works to change the lives of others as a life coach and public speaker. From being an addict to gracing the TEDx stage, Julian's story is truly inspiring and shows there is hope on the other side of hopelessness.


Creating a Positive School Culture

Learn how to make your school a community!

Julian teaches empowering strategies that your students can use when they see someone being bullied. This presentation also goes into the issues of cyberbullying and encourages students to think before they post. By seeing the social damages that are caused by bullying, Julian teaches the students to work together to build a positive culture.

Your students and staff will be provided with tools and techniques that they will use for years to come!

Listen, Learn, Love

Respecting differences and creating an inclusive environment

Julian shares an unforgettable message about diversity and inclusivity that all students need to hear. He challenges students to truly value and respect those things that make each of us different: race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, etc.

Students will be taught to think critically about the effects of unconscious bias. At the end of this presentation, students will be excited about creating a culture of inclusivity in their school.


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